About us

The artist

I am named after my great great grandmother, a strong and beautiful name Geirþrúður (Gertrude) which I am very proud of and my middle name is the same as my mothers, Ósk (means Wish). I am born in February in 1977 and lived most of my life in Njardvik and Keflavik (near the international airport of Iceland). I moved to the capital to attend University but as an added bonus I found Hordur, my partner and other half of Sindrandi. After getting a degree in History as well as Post-gratuate diplomas in Museum studies and Information Science, we decided to move to Kjosin.

I have always been artistic in nature but it was not until we moved to the wonderful countryside of Kjos that I was inspired to let that part of me free and see where it would lead me.

Why pebble art?

Pebble art came to be simply because I have always been drawn to stones and rocks of all kinds. I have been collecting them on my travels and walks, be it a rock on a mountainside or pebble from a beach.

With pockets full of pebbles and stones and now living on a pebbled beach I began to play with my collection and after a few tries and fails I made my first ever pebble art inspired by the countryside "Love in the Highlands". Both my work and methods have gone through changes since then and so I am very excited to see what the future will bring.

Our wonderful Kjos

The Kjos itself is a constant source of inspiration and energy for my work. In November of 2016 we moved to Kjosin, a small municipal in a fjord called Hvalfjordur (Whalefjord). This change of scenery from pavement to a pebbled beach in the countryside with constant connection with the elements had me walking down at the beach every day with our dog Ares.
My first opportunity to exhibit my art was at the local café - Kaffi Kjos, in the spring of 2018. My work was very well received which was a very motivating. This first show was and has been a constant inspiration into the sails of Sindrandi and keeps on guiding it to safe ports.
Horður Jonsson, the other half of Sindrandi Handcraft did the design of our beautiful website , www.sindrandi.is which aired in spring of 2019. VThe website is supposed to be a showcase to both older works and new ones, but also serve as an online store where customers can make an order, both for an existing piece or a Made to order. We are still working out the details for international shipping but hopefully that will clear up soon and we will advertise at that time. We offer free domestic delivery to the closest post office.

Handverks, - og sölusýningar



    Where does the name Sindrandicome from?

    The name Sindrandi was decided because of it´ s dual meaning in Icelandic. It means Shimmering and describes both heat and cold, the dancing flame of the fire and the magical crackling of the ice.

    The best description of the word is was in a contest held in Iceland over the 30 most beautiful words in Icelandic as the judges made their choice: The word "Sindrandi" is so clear and unpretentious. Within it lives the magical world of Iceland; the freezing winter, the fluent dance of the northern lights, a morning dew in the stillness of the mountains, and the other worldly beauty of a winter sunset and so much more. ."

    Thank you so much for following us and we hope Sindrandi Handcraft continues to grow and evolve with your help.

    Geirthrudur Osk Geirsdottir (Geira) og Hordur Jonsson